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Please note that Travelsoft Products are no longer supported on the Windows XP & Windows 7 Platforms.



* Document Producer VAT Update Procedure
This manual update must be done in Document Producer by all South Africa Users.
   (South Africa Users Only) Click Here to view the VAT Update Procedure
* Smartpoint #DP Command Installer:
Click Here to Download & Install The Patch
  (All Smartpoint Versions)
Once installed you MUST install the Software Update, if Prompted to do so.
This must be installed after you have updated to Smartpoint Version 7.
Smartpoint 7 users require Microsoft .Net Framework 4.6.1 and IE 11 to be installed.
Installation Guide

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3. SMS Gateway Status:
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4. Document Producer Plus Software:
Current Version 7.00.15 TLS 1.2
Released 01 June 2018 (Get Update Info)
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